Swim Lessons
The Nick Irons Story


Ever since he was a boy, Nick wanted to do something to help his dad who suffered from multiple sclerosis, a painful, incurable nerve disease. Then in his 20s, he saw the Mississippi River from a cross-country flight, and knew what he had to do: swim its length. Eighteen months later, and with the help of family, friends, and even total strangers, Nick completed his incredible quest. Using retrospective interviews, archival news footage, photos, maps, and family home movies, the film chronicles Nick’s historic and inspiring feat.

Production Notes

Kendra Gahagan


Haik Naltchayan

Original Score


  1. 1.“Drink Me Deep” by Uncle Mountain

  2. 2.“Believe in Me” by Sugar Jones

Full Credits


The director
Name: Alex Houston

Critical Incident - Discovery, 1998
King Gimp - HBO, 1999 Oscar-winner, Best Short Documentary (assistant editor)
Love, Josh - HBO, 2001 Oscar shortlisted (second-unit director)