Swim Lessons
The Nick Irons Story

Film Credits

Fiat Lux Productions, LLC


Swim Lessons

The Nick Irons Story

a film by Alex Houston

Based on the book

Swim Lessons:

Ten Secrets for Making Any Dream Come True

by Nick Irons

Clydesdale Press, Bethesda MD

Produced and directed by

Alex Houston


Kendra Gahagan

Co-Executive Producers

Katrina Jensen

Sonia Kozak

Original Score

Haik Naltchayan

Edited by

Zander Scot

Assistant Editors

Karen Palting

Dennis Zimmerman

Additional Videography

Andrew Irons

Steve Skarky

Video Post Production Facilities

Sub Terram Post, Alexandria VA

Audio Postproduction

Little Dog Studios, Arlington VA

Dubbing Supervisor

Andrew Martin


“Glory, Glory (Lay My Burden Down)”

Traditional American Spiritual

performed by Haik Naltchayan and Alex Houston

inspired by the music of Mississippi John Hurt

“Drink Me Deep”

performed by Uncle Mountain

written by

Ryan Furstenberg, Ryan Lassiter, and Daniel Shearin

appears courtesy of Uncle Mountain

“Believe in Me”

performed by Sugar Jones

written by Chad Thevenot

appears courtesy of Sovereign Records

Featuring (in order of appearance)

Dr. John Irons

Connie Irons

Steve Skarky

John Irons

Andrew Irons

Dave Douglas

Nick Irons

Cary J. Hahn

Archival footage courtesy of

NBC Universal Archives

KGAN Cedar Rapids, IA

WBRZ Baton Rouge, LA

Mississippi River charts courtesy of

United States Army Corps of Engineers

Film Sponsors

Sean Alves

Tracy LeRoy

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Menefee

Mary Kirk Menefee

Brad Pollard

Andrea Slawski

Letitia Sullivan

Dan Stankus

Special Thanks

The Irons Family

Barbara and Robert Gahagan

William Whiteford

Mark Gahagan

Cary J. Hahn

Christopher Young, Esq.

Bart Woodward

Scott Coco

Annette Naltchayan

Patricia and Ken Lawrence

The “No Reward” group

and especially

Anne Marie Houston

This film is dedicated to

Christina and Frank Houston

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